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2023 Quickbase US Instance Hosting Transition Plan

By Quickbase Team posted 01-31-2023 11:06

This bulletin is intended for realm and account admins of the Quickbase platform and includes information describing a plan to transition parts of the US Instance of the Quickbase platform between our existing hosting locations during Q1-Q3 of 2023 and introduce a new hosting location in Q4 of 2023. This hosting transition will be accomplished using planned down time similar to the data center switches we typically do 2-3 times per year.

No action will be needed by customers aside from being aware of the planned down time as it is announced during 2023.

Linked here you can find a full explanation of the hosting transition, and a visual depiction of the milestones.

The primary objectives of the hosting transition are:

  1. Upgrade the Quickbase infrastructure that serves 2.5+ billion requests per month, while simplifying the process of future upgrades.
  2. Simplify the processes Quickbase uses to host and operate the Quickbase platform, while maintaining the same level of functionality, security/compliance, reliability, performance, and scalability.
  3. Continue to accelerate the pace of innovation for delivering world-class capabilities to our customers.

As we are ready to execute each step of the Hosting Transition, we will send e-mail to realm and account admins for active Quickbase customers, and we will post on the Quickbase service page.

If you have any questions, please contact your Quickbase Account Team.

To learn more about this project, please see the additional materials below: