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Looking for more help on a specific topic?

By Freddie Sabbs posted 05-01-2019 12:34

Check out Quick Base University, your one-stop-shop for training and resources. Follow along with Quick Base UniversityÕs inclusive lessons and transform from Quick Base novice to expert,or pick and choose individual courses to expand your knowledge of specific features and functions.

Whether you learn best through hands-on instruction and the ability to ask questions while you go, or you prefer to follow along at your own pace, University has got you covered.

Explore some of the training offers University has below:

Live Training

Quick Base University hosts instructor-led, live training multiple times a week. Here are some of our upcoming online sessions:

Fundamental Training

Take this course if youÕre new to app building to learn best practices to effectively plan and build your app,including how to create forms, protect data, and produce reports. A.K.A, Quick Base 101.

Automating Your Apps

Finding yourself wasting precious time with manual tasks? Then take back your work day by learning Quick BaseÕs three main automation features: dynamic form rules, formulas, and Automations.


Score some relationship advice for your apps and learn how to remove unnecessary relationships, build report links, and take advantage of many-to-many relationships.


There are also a ton of on-demand eLearning ready to show you how to plan, build, and manage your Quick Base apps whenever you want! Take the courses in order or just choose the topics you need help with.

App Planning

The secret to creating the most successful apps is thoughtful planning. So, take this 5-course series and learn best practices to planning effective Quick Base apps, including how to understand business processes, create a solid project team, design for efficiency, and follow through with your comprehensive implementation plan.

App Building

Whether youÕre just starting out or youÕve got multiple apps under your belt, this series is designed for you.Follow along to develop a solid understanding of core features and functionality in order to increase the effectiveness of your apps in automating your organizationÕs workflows.

App Management

Give yourself a pat on the back for finishing your app, but donÕt forget about this last step, as proper management of your app is just as important! Take this singular course and learn how to customize your appÕs properties and app management settings in order to streamline your teamÕs effective use of your app.

So, donÕt wait- check out Quick Base University today. The path to building great apps is waiting!