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The Automatic Formula Machine

By Brian Cafferelli posted 05-07-2019 17:41

Whether you're new to app building or have been at it for a while, many people find it challenging to learn how to write formulas. Would it help if you didn't always have to hand-code your formulas? What if you could create an If formula using dropdowns, like you do when you filter reports? Help docs, Quick Base University, and this community site are all here to help but today I'd like to announce that we're taking it to the next level. Introducing...the automatic formula machine.

The automatic formula machine is a shared Quick Base application anyone can use to quickly generate certain kinds of formulas:

  • conditional formulas  to track prices, discounts, project status, etc
  • image thumbnail formulas to display on reports and dropdowns
  • text style formulas: to control the color, size, etc of a text field

This is an evolution of the Styled Text Formula Builder that I posted to the Quick Base Exchange a few years back, and I hope this saves you time as you build out your apps!

Access The Automatic Formula Machine here.

I'd love to hear what you think of the app, so if you have any questions or ideas for improving it, you can post them here in this thread. I can make periodic updates to either serve the above types of formulas even better, or I could add more categories of formulas if there are others out there which you all build frequently.


05-09-2019 05:23

Brian, this is really great. A one-stop solution for all type users. Thank you for providing your expertise to the community.


05-07-2019 18:04

This is great for all users, novices and experts alike!  Really useful tool.

05-07-2019 17:58

This is awesome. One stop solution is always helpful. Thank you for doing this.