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How can I use a field in a form rule without displaying it on the form?

By Brian Cafferelli posted 01-23-2018 21:04


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Have you ever tried to build a form rule that needed some internal value that your users donÕt need to see? If you set up another form rule which lists which fields should always be hidden, you can then build other rules with those fields without having to display them on the form itself:

  1. Open the table, then edit a record in the table to look at your form.
  2. Click Customize this form.
  3. Add the fields you want to hide at the bottom of the list, if you havenÕt done so already.
  4. Open the Dynamic Form Rules tab.
  5. Click Add New Rule.
  6. Under the WHEN section, choose ÒMultiple conditionsÓ.
  7. Change the next line to read ÒWhen any of the following conditions are trueÓ.
  8. Change the line below to read ÒThe user is in the role AdministratorÓ.
  9. Change the last line in the WHEN section to read ÒThe user is not in the role AdministratorÓ.
  10.  In the ACTION section, change the line to read ÒHide name of field to hideÓ. If you want to hide multiple fields, click Add Action for each additional field.
For more on form rules, please see our Create Dynamic Form Rules help topic.