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Seeking developer to build exact forms

  • 1.  Seeking developer to build exact forms

    Posted 10-09-2019 10:44
    ​Hello, I am looking for a developer to build 2 exportable exact forms for me (the 2 will be almost identical to each other). They will contain embedded lists of child records and I have already built reports to list the related child records. I need to be able to export the exact forms in Word/pdf/something like that.

    I don't have the bandwidth to do this myself. We cannot use the plug-in available in the store; we must have this built within our own app without sharing data outside of it as the plug-in does.

    I have reached out to 4 QuickBase developers listed on this site and none have responded. I would normally not post this in the QB Community, but have not been able to locate someone by making direct contact with the various companies.

    Is there any company or individual for hire who does small jobs like this? Thanks


  • 2.  RE: Seeking developer to build exact forms

    Posted 10-09-2019 12:05
    Hi Audrey,

    I can help you out with your Exact Forms.  I am an independent developer and will charge you $75.00 / hour.
    I am a QuickBase Certified Expert Builder.  Here is my LinkedIn profile:




    D. Brian Cameron

    Brian Cameron

  • 3.  RE: Seeking developer to build exact forms

    Posted 10-14-2019 09:42
    Hi Audrey,

    I just wanted to chime in quick and let you know that it is totally fine to post to our Community looking for help like this. We actually have a Community getting finished being set up just for this. Our Job Posting space is going to be a great resource for either finding new talent for a position at your company with Quick Base skills or Developer help.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager
    Quick Base