Quickbase connection to Zendesk

  • 1.  Quickbase connection to Zendesk

    Posted 03-24-2020 15:55

         I am trying to create a table that populates zendesk data in Quickbase. Both Zendesk and Quickbase are integration with OKTA. When I Click on new table and choose zendesk as source, I get invalid credentials error after inputting Zendesk URL, username and password. 

    Here are the link of combination I tried.

    1. Disabled Quickbase SSO, reset my password and tried connecting with zendesk --> Invalid credentials error.
          (I am able to login to zendesk with same credentials separately)

    2. Found an Zendesk URL that does not push authentication through SSO and used that as URL in quickbase --> Zendesk connection details . I still get invalid credentials error. 

    What am I missing ?


    ashish buddha