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Showing ""Current "" status on a record

  • 1.  Showing ""Current "" status on a record

    Posted 12-05-2017 14:39
    I have a couple of tables and a linking table that I am working with and trying to utilize to pull data for a field back to one of the parent tables.

    "Accounts" (table) may have one or more "Supplier Contracts" (table) , but never more than one at a time. I have a linking table that allows me to show for each account what Supplier Contracts have been associated with that account over time and for each Supplier Contract if the status is current, future or expired.

    At the Account record I would like to show the current Supplier Contract so I can use it in other areas of the App.

    Seems simple, but I can't figure out how to do this.

    Tony A.

  • 2.  RE: Showing ""Current "" status on a record

    Posted 12-05-2017 14:59
    No problem,

    This is a simple and classic need for a reverse relationship.

    On the relationship where 1 Account has many Supplier Contracts make a Summary of the maximum [Record ID#] if the Supplier Contracts subject to the filter that the Supplier Contract is Status Active.  Call this [Record ID# of the Active Supplier Contract]

    Then maker a new, so called, reverse relationship where 1 Supplier contract has many Accounts.  But as you are setting that up, do not let Quick base create a new field for you on the right side, but rather select the field called [Record ID# of the Active Supplier Contract].

    Then just lookup any fields you like from the Active Supplier Contract to the Account.

  • 3.  RE: Showing ""Current "" status on a record

    Posted 12-05-2017 15:32
    Mark...this works great!   Thanks!!