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Connected Table data update workflow question

  • 1.  Connected Table data update workflow question

    Posted 02-28-2019 22:40
    I've built a customer success app that pulls Client and Contact data from the Main app from Headquarters via connected tables. The question - how do my users signal or flag out of date information within our system that can alert or trigger updates from the Main app. 

    For example, Jane in customer success learns that her main contact is no longer at the company and has been replaced by a new employee. I've set her up so she can update her main contact as "ex-employee" and save that into the system. How can she add a contact that then alerts the Main system and enters it into both systems? I'd like the "Ex-employee" status to send back to the main system as well. 

    Any ideas?

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    Posted 03-01-2019 17:03
    Sounds like something you'd use Automations or Notifications to do.
    1. When a contact record is modified, and the new value is "ex-employee", trigger your alert
    2. Add a new contact status "new contact" and set a trigger whenever a contact record is added with that status.

    The activity generated by these triggers could either be something in-app (Automation) or just an email to whomever (Notification).

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    Posted 03-01-2019 20:42
    Thank you for your quick response. My question is, can I add a new contact to a synced table that pulls data from another system?  As of now it doesn't look like I can add a new contact and that's my challenge. 

    BTW - I am an admin in my app and have no control over data input into the master app. I hope to send updates and new contact requests to the other admins to accept and fix decaying data.

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    Posted 03-01-2019 22:09
    When you have a connected table, you cannot manually add records to it.  The source of truth is the origin of the connection.

    You would need to set up a new workflow in a new table called Employee setup requests.  But "cheat" by using the Copy this table feature and you will get all the same fields and form for free.  It should copy the table as a regular non Sync table.

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    Posted 03-01-2019 23:27
    This is a killer idea. If I'm reading you correctly, the goal would be to use the synced table to feed into a duplicate regular table we can fully modify using a workflow. That would solve my data entry issue. 

    I'm trying to set that up and notice that the "Copy Table" capability is available for standard tables but not synced tables.  To generate the new table w/ same data structure, I can export and reimport the Contacts Synced table and see if I can link the 2 together. My hope is that the existing sync table will feed future updates into our new table and live along side our new data entry fields. 

    Am I understanding your suggestion correctly?


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    Posted 03-01-2019 23:52
    I was not suggested that the data would be the same in both tables.

    I was suggesting that the second table be used to initiate request to set up new records in the "Main system

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    Posted 03-02-2019 00:25
    Greetings -  once again, thank you for your continued help. Here's what I'm realizing - my users need to have control over the Contacts table in their app in order to thrive in the system. They don't have permission to make changes in the main app, but should be able to make additions or corrections in ours. 

    I'd love to use the Contact Sync table as a data hose that pours the contacts into a new bucket we have control over. That way I can hide the Contact Sync table from end users and only show them the blended table of "imported" and corrected data. 

    The goal - 1 completely accurate list of contacts that our team uses and manages. I don't want users to deal with 2 lists (Contact Sync table and New Contact table), nor do I want them to have to email a new user to the admin of the Main app, wait for them to enter it in and have it sync daily back to our app.  They just wont adopt that type of workflow. 

    Still not sure if I'm explaining myself clearly enough... 

  • 8.  RE: Connected Table data update workflow question

    Posted 03-02-2019 01:05
    So it sounds like you want a single consolidated table of contacts.

    Create that new table

    You could create a formula to calculate a hyphen concatenated field of first last and Related Company.

    Then create a key field and populate it with the contents of that formula field. Make form rule to populate it automatically by firm rules. Set it as the Key field.

    Make a similar formula field in the Sync table

    Set up a saved table to table copy from the Sync table to the manual table.

    Copy in the records

    Set up an Automation to run daily

    Now, we still have the problem of how to know when Sync table records get deleted.

    Include in the Sync table a field to calculate to Today

    Include that in the saved table to table import.

    Set up an Automation to purge records where that field is not blank but is say a few days before today.