Does QuickBase Support An Array Of Dates Field?

  • 1.  Does QuickBase Support An Array Of Dates Field?

    Posted 04-08-2017 12:18
    Does QuickBase Support An Array Of Dates Field?

    Yes of course it does through script. In the same fashion that the Chessboard Field worked you can use a text field to store some type of data structure such as a list of dates and maintain its state through edits and views using script.

    Here is the Chessboard Field example where the entire chessboard position was stored in a multiline text field:

    Chessboard Field ~ Edit Record

    Here is a new demo where an array of dates is saved in text field although the selection of the dates is done through a calendar widget:

    Date List Field ~ Edit Record

    Note that you can only select upto four dates - that is just a random option I selected to highlight one aspect of the library I am using - it is not a limitation of the library or the technique I am demonstrating:

    jQuery Datepicker

    You will notice that the calendar does not display properly although the demo does work as advertised from a data perspective. There is some weird CSS issue that I have not fully debugged but I have run out the amount of time that I wanted to spend on this demo. This occasionally happens when embedding libraries within QuickBase pages. If there is a production need for this feature I would put the additional time into fully debugging it. For now this is what you get.

    Pastie Database