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email button triggers action?

  • 1.  email button triggers action?

    Posted 12-11-2017 22:45
    Is it possible to embed a button in a notification email that, when pressed by the email recipient, triggers an action in the QB app that sent the email? 

     For example, if I have an invoice management application that sends an email to a user listing the invoices that the user must approve,  can an "Approve All Invoices" button be included in the email, such that when the user presses the button in the email,  it will update the "Approval Status" field on the invoices to "Approved"? 

  • 2.  RE: email button triggers action?

    Posted 12-12-2017 03:02
    I doubt that it would be possible to approve all the invoices in that email, because the email could be 2 weeks old in someone's inbox and when they come back from vacation, the list of invoices that they need to approve will no longer be what was on that email. 

    But there can be a button in the email to have a 2 step approval.  The link in the mail would open up Quick Base and show the list of invoices to approve. 

    That report could have a button to approve all invoices.  This can probably be done with native setup (no javascript), but it would be beyond the scope of this forum to attempt to describe the detailed steps.

    Contact me via the information on my website QuickBaseCoach.com if you want to pursue this off line.