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Rich text field data entry width not honored

  • 1.  Rich text field data entry width not honored

    Posted 01-09-2018 15:32
    The new rich text field type doesn't seem to honor the "Width of input box" field property in when on a form in edit mode. Instead it expands to the width of the screen (actually, it just expanded pretty much forever!) - which totally messes up the spacing of elements on the lines below it in the same section.
    You can work around it by putting a section break immediately after the rich text field. But. . . if you're using horizontal divider lines between sections, that puts one where you really don't want it.



  • 2.  RE: Rich text field data entry width not honored

    Posted 01-09-2018 16:36
    Hi Beth,

    Thank you very much for pointing this issue out to us. I have checked in with my Escalations Lead and we looked at the issue together and he took note of it. If this is impacting your workflow and would like to be tied to this Escalation I would suggest putting in a support case with these details. That way we can tie your case to the Escalation and keep you up to date on the investigation into this issue and issue you a Bug ID if needed. You can create a new case in Quick Base if you click Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case and we can get it tied to the Escalation we are creating. We are always grateful to get this feedback as it helps us to enhance the Platform and identify where we can grow. Thank you for your time today Beth.

  • 3.  RE: Rich text field data entry width not honored

    Posted 7 days ago
    Is there any update on this - we are building new apps which this is affecting.

    Owen Morgan

  • 4.  RE: Rich text field data entry width not honored

    Posted 01-11-2018 20:46
    Thanks!  Another slightly annoying issue is the automatic paragraph formatting. Once you hit return, it sticks a carriage return before the beginning of what you typed, and it also forces the blank lines between paragraphs. So if you're not careful, what was in one's mind a simple two-line comment becomes four lines - taking up a lot of room you didn't intend for it to take up.
    You can work around this by using the shift-enter to just put in the manual line break, but that is not most people's default set of keystrokes when typing comments. Or you can manually edit the code behind it, which also is not optimal.
    Begin typing

    Hit the carriage return

    This is how I *want* it to look:

    And this is how it looks in a table view - lots and lots of wasted space (top) vs. optimal: