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Report Links, Access Issue

  • 1.  Report Links, Access Issue

    Posted 03-28-2018 19:39
    I have created several dashboards, one of which is a management dashboard. I have reports on this management dashboard, some are full report tiles, and others are report links. 

    The issue I'm having is all of the reports on this dashboard should be restricted to a certain role. But when I log in as this restricted role -- they are able to see the reports. 

    I've gone into the particular role, and made sure they do not have access to the report that way also. How are they able to the reports on this page and access the report links? 

  • 2.  RE: Report Links, Access Issue

    Posted 03-28-2018 20:02
    When you disable a report for a role it just hides the report from the user,  but that has noting to do with controlling access to the data.  Access to data is controlled by Role Permissions.

    So your choices are to block access to the data if that is practical or else not make it easy for users in that role to access the management Dashboard.

  • 3.  RE: Report Links, Access Issue

    Posted 03-29-2018 13:49
    Hi Ashley,

    Mark is correct that checking to hide a report under a role's user permissions only hides the access to the report. It doesn't restrict the user from access that report via a direct link. As if they have reporting and data access permissions the system believes they can access that data and even build their own copy of that report. The easiest way to restrict access to a report is to make sure it includes a field that users in that role do not have access to. This restriction of the data then prevents those users from accessing the report. I hope this information is helpful Ashely.