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Customize filter settings

  • 1.  Customize filter settings

    Posted 04-01-2018 17:59
    By Default when I open any record table filter section opened in an expanded mode but it should be in collapsed mode, Here are the attached screenshots.

    Appreciate a reply and thanks in advance.">https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1721794/RackMultipart20180401-35271-wrqsoh-Screen_Shot_2018-04-01_at_10.44.53_AM_inline.png?1522605493">">https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1721793/RackMultipart20180401-16282-ubi93o-Screen_Shot_2018-04-01_at_10.57.29_AM_inline.png?1522605480"> 

  • 2.  RE: Customize filter settings

    Posted 04-02-2018 14:05
    Hi Anudeep,

    Currently there is not a native function to have your dynamic filters default to collapsed. If you feel this would be a beneficial feature in Quick Base, I would encourage you to submit feedback regarding this via our Feedback Platform - UserVoice - Which can most easily be accessed from the My Apps page in Quick Base by clicking on the orange Feedback tab or at http://quickbase.uservoice.com">http://quickbase.uservoice.com">http://quickbase.uservoice.com .  This forum is used by our development team to explore customer suggestions for enhancements / changes to the platform. Many of the items that have been suggested by customers have already been incorporated into Quick Base and I would encourage you to participate as well. I have also passed this on via our internal feedback application, I just encourage users to put their requests into User Voice to make sure they are visible as user requests for our developers. Thank you very much for your time today Anudeep.

  • 3.  RE: Customize filter settings

    Posted 04-03-2018 02:56
    Hi Evan, 

    Thank you for comment.