Service Worker Travel Log - Day 11

  • 1.  Service Worker Travel Log - Day 11

    Posted 06-06-2017 13:39
    Day 11 - Will it Blend?

    Have you ever seen those Blentec videos where a guy in a white lab coat stuffs everything under the Sun  into his industrial blender and asks the question "Will It Blend?"

    If not have a look and enjoy:

    Will it Blend? Channel

    Well you can ask the same question about Service Workers - "Will Service Workers Blend?"

    Just as Blendtec videos always conclude with answer "YES, IT BLENDS", you can rest assured Servcie Workers blend nicely within the browser context.

    Is Service Worker Ready?

    Service Workers are fully implemented in Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Samsung Internet browser and are in development for Microsoft's Edge Browser.

    Edge Platform Status - Service Worker Feature

    Personally I can't wait to use QuickBase with Service Workers on my XBOX - So Sweet It Is!

    Next Up: Day 12 - Give Us JSON Response!