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Weighted Average Calculation & Recursion Issue

  • 1.  Weighted Average Calculation & Recursion Issue

    Posted 05-21-2018 13:41
    I have two tables: 1. Properties (parent); and, 2. Buildings (child). I want to have a gross rental income data entry field in the Properties table that populates each Building's portion of rental income based on a weighted average of square footage.

    Unfortunately, using summary fields that then lookup down to Buildings results in what QuickBase has called "recursion" that does not allow totaling of gross rents, so I cannot then total the different rent types in the Buildings record, or other totals. 

    Is there a work around to this?

    Conceptually, this is what I'm trying to achieve:

    Properties Table:
    [Gross Residential Rent Income] (dat


    [Gross Commercial Rent Income]

    Buildings Table:
    [Gross Building Residential Rent Income (Summary Field Lookup from Properties)]*
    ([Building X Square Footage] /
    [Gross Building Square Footage (Summary Field Lookup from Properties)])=
    [Building X Residential Rent Income] Currently returning a 'recursion' error (see screenshot with QuickBase help)

    Repeat for 'Commercial Rent', then...

    [Building X Residential Rent Income]+
    [Building X Commercial Rent Income]=
    [Building X Total Rent Income]  
    From here...

    Properties Table:
    [Buildings Total Rent Income (Summary Lookup)

  • 2.  RE: Weighted Average Calculation & Recursion Issue

    Posted 09-26-2018 16:29
    I was disappointed no one ever responded to your question, as I was wondering the same thing for a different use case...anyways there is a workaround! In case you're still needing it. It's not really recursive but can go down to as many nested 'levels' as you think will be needed: