Invite email to new users is pretty lame

  • 1.  Invite email to new users is pretty lame

    Posted 02-25-2019 15:34
    A new user forwarded me the invite she received from Quickbase (yes I still write it that way). It's pretty lame. Let me explain:

    The link included in the email is just to the main 'home' page of the app.

    1. As I don't have an 'everyone on the internet' home page, it shows a data-less home page.
    2. There is only the default 'sign-in' in the upper-right, not a 'create a new account' choice.

    You'd think that QB would have this emails show QB smarts. If I am inviting them and they don't have an account, shouldn't it have a link to create an account instead of to the app?

    I guess because I do have an 'everyone on the internet user/role, the typical "You need to sign in to get to that page." message isn't seen at the Home page.

    (Trudges off to build a blank home page for EOTI/new users/dumb customers/evil competitors.)