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Address type field not working

  • 1.  Address type field not working

    Posted 01-23-2018 07:02
    I cant seem to pick up any addresses in my country with the new mapbox addressing system.  Please help me understand why I cant get a street address like i used to be able to with google?

    It only seems to pick up suburbs. Format is: International and Country is "South Africa

  • 2.  RE: Address type field not working

    Posted 01-23-2018 15:35
    Hi Geoffrey,

    I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with the addresses you are attempting to add to Quick Base. When you are using the new mapbox addressing is the issue that you aren't able to find the addresses in the search or is it that once you find the address and select it only the suburbs are showing up in the auto-fill?

  • 3.  RE: Address type field not working

    Posted 01-23-2018 17:14
    Hi Geoffrey,

    While MapBox has strong coverage for the largest international markets, they do not yet have street data for South Africa. I've been informed that adding that capability is on their 2018 roadmap. Since this is a MapBox limitation, we would not be able to address the issue on the Quick Base side. Sorry about that!

    Thank you,

  • 4.  RE: Address type field not working

    Posted 01-23-2018 17:39
    I�m sorry, but i find this very disappointing since we were not informed of the planned change and I am paying a premium plan for a service that requires a fully functional addressing system. I find this very unfair

  • 5.  RE: Address type field not working

    Posted 01-23-2018 19:52
    Hi Geoffrey, did you notice a change with your address fields recently? If so, it would be good for you to open a support case so we can take a look at it (_Help > Manage Support Case > + New Support Case). We made the switch from Google Maps to MapBox several months ago, so perhaps I spoke too soon.

    The switch to MapBox was communicated ahead of time in our release notes: https://www.quickbase.com/quickbase-blog/september-2017-release-notes">https://www.quickbase.com/quickbase-blog/september-2017-release-notes">https://www.quickbase.com/quickbase-blog/september-2017-release-notes

  • 6.  RE: Address type field not working

    Posted 01-24-2018 03:55
    We noted the issue when it released, however we made use of a manual work around since we thought it was a bug. The September release notes didn�t mention anything about lack of support for other countries, so you can understand the confusion.