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Import Data into Table - fields mismatch

  • 1.  Import Data into Table - fields mismatch

    Posted 01-10-2019 13:01

    My import (upload) table (.xlsx or .xlsm) has the exact order of fields with the destination table in the QB as that is how I set them up. While trying to import (upload) the excel table into the QB table I come across with field mismatch and I have to manually line them up by
    1. Un-checking 'FirstRow is List of Field Names'
    2. Making sure FILED NAME LABELS match Row 1
    3. If there is a no match, select the correct field from drop-down on FIELD LABELS
    This happens regularly. I do have to validate before importing. Question: what causes the mis-order of the fields while the destination table (in QB) has the same field order? One thing though: the names of the fields are slightly different (ex.: QB= "ITEM_NUMBER", excel= "itemnum"). I don't think wrong spelling a source of the fields mismatch cause. 

    Thank you in advance,

  • 2.  RE: Import Data into Table - fields mismatch

    Posted 01-11-2019 16:36
    Hi Alec,

    When data is imported into Quick Base our system attempts to match up the data coming in to field types and field names. Having names match exactly between fields in your Quick Base app and the spreadsheet to be updated is actually one of the best ways to help the Quick Base system line up the fields in your app and your import. The import process does not default to lining up the fields from the import to the order of the fields in Quick Base since they could be very different data types but uses names to help it guess the right fields to match. Unfortunately, since it is only trying to help line them up it isn't always able to make matches between incoming fields and source data. In those instances it will either try to find something close in data type to suggest or it will suggest creating a new field or not including a column in the import at all.

     In those instances users running the import do have to make manual decisions to help pick up where Quick Base isn't able to match fields up. Having matching names in your import file will help with the fields matching up though and should get the correct fields lined up for you. I usually recommend that users double check the field mapping on an import to be sure they are matching up correctly before submitting an import just to be sure. I hope this information is helpful Alec. 

  • 3.  RE: Import Data into Table - fields mismatch

    Posted 01-11-2019 16:42
    ... a good trick is to export your data (once) from Quick Base  (run a table report and "Save as Spreadsheet"). Then copy and paste those columns headings into your Excel import template for the the field names match exactly. 

  • 4.  RE: Import Data into Table - fields mismatch

    Posted 01-12-2019 05:34

    Your response is helpful to resolve my current issue, and thank you.

    But QB's function to logically match-up fields by field names and types should be replaced with a function that tells a user that the file they are importing does not match the destination table and list out the details of the error. I understand the background of the current function, but every QB user is aware what they are importing into the QB, at least the majority of us is. When we create an application or a table in QB we consider the updating of the table by importing externally: field order, field type, etc.


  • 5.  RE: Import Data into Table - fields mismatch

    Posted 01-12-2019 05:41
    QuickBaseCoach App Dev./Training,

    Thanks for the trick.