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Display Product Options during quote creation

  • 1.  Display Product Options during quote creation

    Posted 03-31-2019 18:50
    Hi - I'm trying to figure out how I could incorporate "Product Options" into my order process. Currently have a Quote, Order Details and Product table, which is all working fine. Sales can add a product to their quote. However most products have recommended add-on products. 

    I'd like to display these as options when the Sales Person selects a product with add-ons (similar to how CPQ/Steelbrick shows Product Options).I was thinking of creating Automations with the logic of "If Product A is selected, also add Products XYZ to the quote", however there are too many products to make this a feasible option.

    Has anyone out there built something similar or have any recommendations on how to accomplish this?

  • 2.  RE: Display Product Options during quote creation

    Posted 03-31-2019 22:01
    I think that there are many ways to get this to work.  I was playing with one way that I thought might be easy to explain.

    In this setup as you add lines to the order, at the Line level you would see all the suggested add ons and also at the order level you will see all the unique add ons with no duplication. 

    Here is the setup, some of which you already have.
    One Order has many Order Lines
    One Product Master has Many Order Lines

    One Product Master has many Suggested Add ons (lookup Product Name calling it Product Name)
    One Product Master has many Suggested Add ons. (look up Product name calling it Suggested Add On Product)

    You will see that the last relationship is duplicated as you will only have one product master table and it has a child take of Suggested Add on Products where the choices are from the same Product Master.

    Now, on the Product Master table you will make a Combined Text Summary field of the Suggested Add Ons.  So during the order line by line you will see the Suggested Add ones.

    But then to make it even more useful, it turns out that you can make a combined text summary on the Orders table to summarize the Suggested Add On combined text  summary field of the Order Lines (the order lines will get this as a lookup from the  Product Master),

    The effect will be to have a list of the first 25 unique suggested add ons for the whole order which is useful as I assume many Product Masters might have the same Suggested Add on product.

    So today's lesson is that a combined text summary fields can not only summarize text fields, but also combined text summary fields and will remove duplicates.  I suspect it would work that way but never actually tested it.

    In fact to my knowledge this capability is not documented (my underlining) 

    Combined Text - Combines text values from child records. You can use this option to display lists of values from child records, such as listing all the details of an order item along with the order. This option summarizes unique values from text fields only. Duplicate entries are automatically removed. The aggregated list in this field follows summary field rules such as excluding records that you don�t have access to. The field is stored as multi-select text.

  • 3.  RE: Display Product Options during quote creation

    Posted 03-31-2019 22:10
    FYI, There is a link in the help text system to suggest improvements so I did enter a suggested improvement.