copy child records to another parent

  • 1.  copy child records to another parent

    Posted 11-07-2017 16:27
    I have a parent table called 'Accounts' and a child table called 'Recons'. Each 'Account' needs to be reconciled monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. We have some instances when a 'Recon' can relate to/affect many 'Accounts'. However, we'd like to be able to have only 1 'Recon' submitted for approval. Upon approval of the one Recon, the other Recons would  be created (duplicated) in the other parent record(s). Or, upon initially creating a 'Recon', that new 'Recon' would be duplicated in the other parent(s), and then upon approval, the approval would pass to the other child recons created. This would save duplication of efforts and having to touch multiple records. Is any of this possible? I didn't find this out until after the app was created, although it's still in an infancy state (only 2 months old). 

    Hopefully this makes sense.