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Go To"" button in a form

TonyA1 TonyA107-17-2015 18:46

QuickBaseCoach Dev./Training07-17-2015 18:49

  • 1.  Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 07-17-2015 18:09

    I was wondering if it is possible to add a button on a form that would take you to a specific Section on the form.

    I know this may sound like laziness (i.e., can't you just scroll to the Section?), however we use a particular form all the time that is quite long with a large amount of data, sections, tables, etc.  and being able to have a button that pops you right to that section would save time when using the form, looking up info when taking calls, etc.


  • 2.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 07-17-2015 18:16
    Courtesy of the infamous Dan Diebolt who haunts this forum, this worked for me in an app

    Jump to a spot on a form

    The formula-URL to initiate the jump was


    The anchor tag for where to jump to was a formula-text field with HTML enabled with the formula

    "<a name=DealerClaim></a>"

    In my case I chose to call the link DealerClaim. You can all it what you like.  The name is case sensitive and I suggest no spaces or special characters in it as I don't know if they will break the functionality.

    So, you put the first part at the top of the form, and the target near where you want to jump to.  On the target, hide the field label with an alternate text of blank once you get it working.

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    Posted 07-17-2015 18:46
    Mark...this works great.  Thanks!

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    Posted 07-17-2015 18:49

  • 5.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 07-17-2015 18:52
    btw, at the recent EMPOWER Users group meeting in Chicago, QuickBase announced their intentions to have tabbed Forms. No specific time frame but "soonish".  Basically a way to indicate in a form that certain Sections should appear as tabs at the top, so as to not have to scroll way down on long forms.  So that would probably eliminate the need for this work-a round.  But until then this technique is useful for long forms.

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    Posted 10-24-2017 18:47
    Both of these solutions create problems between Full Site and Mobile views...

    1.) As fore warned, TABS are not supported on the Mobile interface but 
    WARNING: A TAB will stop the display in its tracks so they're  not just "not supported" , using them prohibits Mobile access to that information all together. Would be better if the Tabs were just ignored in the Mobile view vs. putting the brakes on the display.  

    2.) The JUMP/ANCHOR solution (at least on a Windows 7 P/C Operating  System) leaves me with a different problem.  

    It does work, BUT the JUMP actually takes you 5 rows below where it is inserted (again this is Windows 7 displayed on a Vizio monitor) so you may have to adjust where you insert it on the form to actually land on target, BUT it works perfectly on the Mobile view so if you make the adjustment for the Full Site view, it throws off the Mobile view.

    Obviously I need to update to Windows 10 but has anyone encountered this problem or is this just my "rookie" status?  

  • 7.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 10-24-2017 18:50
    I find that I need to play around with the placement of the Anchor to get close to where I want to be on the form.  It's not your "rookie" status.  It's sort of finicky and you just try to get close. 

  • 8.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 10-25-2017 14:09
    That's not the core problem...it's the incompatibility between Full Site and Mobile of the two options that is the problem.  Is this worth opening a Support Ticket or just wait on the next release sort of thing?

  • 9.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 10-25-2017 14:24

    Just to be very clear,
    You are saying that the jump to a spot on the form works inconsistently between where it jumps to on mobile and where it jumps to on Desktop view?  That is your issue.

    I do have an inside contact at Quick Base who is now soliciting feedback from certain users on Mobile issues, as they are in fact working hard on Mobile improvements. 

    I can pass on your comment too that inside person once I am crystal clear what the issue is.

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    Posted 10-25-2017 18:22
    That is exactly the issue!  I have an iPhone(iOS10-haven't upgraded to iOS11 yet).  

    On the mobile app. the Jump lands exactly on the Anchor(target) but on the Desktop view, the Jump lands 5 rows off the Anchor(target).  

    Additionally,as mentioned initially, if you use the newly implemented Tabs feature, which works beautifully on the desktop view, the Mobile app stops you dead in the water.

    The result of these problems leaves Users scrolling endlessly.  

    Thank you for responding so quickly and yes,please do reach out to your contact!

    Cheers! d2

  • 11.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 07-17-2015 19:05
    Excellent...thanks for the info.  I think that would be great enhancement and way to organize forms.  It would be also help users more easily understand what type of info is on more complicated forms and facilitate navigation.

  • 12.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 02-12-2016 17:20
    Would someone be able to help me with this procedure?  I'm not sure where I should be entering the formula-url?

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    Posted 02-12-2016 17:52

    Per Mark's instructions above, I set up a new formula url field and chose to display it as a button (in field settings).  I put it  at top of form, but you can put it anywhere on the form that you may want to access it from.  
    The formula looks like: "javascript:void(window.location.href='#xyz');"    where xyz is what ever you want to call it.

    Also, per Mark's instructions above, you have to also create an anchor tag which defines where you jump to when you press the button you created.  This anchor tag is a new field you have to create,  a formula-text field with HTML enabled.  The formula looks like:  "<a name=xyz></a>"


  • 14.  RE: Go To"" button in a form

    Posted 02-12-2016 19:19
    Thanks Tony!  Was a little unsure at first, but worked perfectly!