Does QB's HighChart License Encompass Version 6?

  • 1.  Does QB's HighChart License Encompass Version 6?

    Posted 07-11-2018 15:43
    QuickBase is currently using HighCharts version 5 (Highcharts JS v5.0.14 custom build (2017-09-08)) and I assume QB has a custom bulk license agreement with HighCharts. 

    However, I have client that wants to use some of the new chart types released in v6:

    Announcing Highcharts 6

    I am wondering if QB's agreement encompasses access to HighChart  v6 even though QB has not itself upgraded to v6. I have a parallel inquiry to HighCharts,

    The specific reason I ask is that there is a new xrange chart that would be extremely simple to integrate with QB data using script and would have a lot of applications: