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Save and close question

  • 1.  Save and close question

    Posted 09-21-2018 13:30
    I am finishing up building my first app.  I have created 6 roles and I am having an issue when I add a new record.  For example, I am in Role B and have my own home page.  When I click on add new record, it works fine.  I fill out the new record and click on save and close and it takes me to Role A's home page.  It does not take me to Role B's home page.  I checked the settings for Role B and it does list Role B's home page.  Could it be because I copied the home page from Role A?  When I add a record as Role A and click on save and close, it takes me to the correct home page.

  • 2.  RE: Save and close question

    Posted 09-21-2018 13:42
    There are two aspects to Home Pages.  There's the creation of a Home Page; which you then customize to fit the role; and the second part which is to properly assign the correct Home Page to each Role, which you do in the Manage Roles area. 

    First make sure that the Home Page for Role B is setup the way that you want (start in Home < Settings < Pages < Role B Home Page).  Once you have done that you then need to go over to your USERS icon, then click on the link (top right) Manage Roles.  For Role B, make sure on the User Interface tab, that you have chosen the Role B Home Page in the drop down.

    Then re-test.  If testing is an issue; try creating a separate User that you can login on a different browser with so you can be logged in both as the Administrator and as another Role under a different user-login.  This way you can simply "fix" things; and then refresh the other browser to see the changes without having to switch roles constantly in the Test as a Role/Test as a User feature.

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    Posted 09-21-2018 13:57
    Thank you very much for the reply. I checked both of those things again and they are set up correctly.  I created another user to see if it was an issue with the testing of the app and it is not.  I created an incident under Role C and it takes me to Role A's home page.  When I create an incident under Role D, it leaves me in view mode in the record itself.  I am very puzzled by all this and not sure what could be the issue.

  • 4.  RE: Save and close question

    Posted 09-21-2018 17:20
    Where is this Add Button, I assume that it is on the dashboard?  if so, I suggest deleting that button and rebuilding it again on the Role B Home page.  Because the Home page was copied, the button may be remembering to return to the wrong Home Page.

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    Posted 09-21-2018 18:00

    You sir, are a genius!  So simple! Thank you!

  • 6.  RE: Save and close question

    Posted 09-21-2018 19:04
    :) that was just a guess, but good to hear it worked.