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horizontal radio buttons

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  • 1.  horizontal radio buttons

    Posted 06-19-2019 13:47
    Does anyone know how to display radio buttons horizontally?

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    Posted 06-19-2019 13:53
    You can toss a little ImageOnLoad into a Rich-Text field and hide it on an admin tab using the following formula

    "<img src=\"/i/clear2x2.gif\" " &
    "onload=\"javascript:if(typeof QBU=='undefined'){QBU={};setTimeout(function(){" & 
        "$('.RadioButtons br').remove();" &
        "$('.RadioButtons label.NoneOfTheAbove').remove();" &
        "$('.RadioButtons label').css('margin-right', '25px')" &
    "}, 500)}\">"

    Make sure the form setting shows them as radio buttons and they'll appear side by side with the above

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  • 3.  RE: horizontal radio buttons

    Posted 06-19-2019 14:11
    Awesome. Thanks Chayce!