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Conditional field types

  • 1.  Conditional field types

    Posted 01-10-2019 15:15
    Is there a way to setup field types to be conditional? Meaning if [Field 1]=A, then [Field 2] runs a formula calculation, however, if [Field 1]=B or C or D, then allow user to manually fill in [Field 2].

    My thought was basically make [Field 2] run as a numeric formula field if specified by [Field 1], but otherwise it is just a regular numeric field that someone can enter a value into. 

  • 2.  RE: Conditional field types

    Posted 01-10-2019 18:09
    Hi Courtney,

    Unfortunately the field type of a field isn't set up to be dynamic, once they are chosen as manual entry or formula they are fixed as that type unless the field settings themselves are changed. What a lot of builders do in this instance is make use of a manual override field and form rules. So that it is set up to say if [Field 1]=A then run the formula in [Field 2] and then they set up the form rule that if [Field 1]= B or C or D show the manual override field so that a user can manually enter a value there and it will feed into the formula in Field 2. Then Field 2 can be set up with a formula to user the manual override field value instead of its own formula if the manual override field is filled in. That way the formula field that you use for reporting or viewing on a record can stay consistent. I hope this information is helpful.