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Error parsing CSV

  • 1.  Error parsing CSV

    Posted 04-26-2018 14:55

    I can't open a support ticket with QB about this, I just keep getting the word "Error" when I submit a ticket. I've tried for 2 days, even in an incognito window, and no luck. So I have to come here, I hope someone is able to help.

    I'm getting "Error parsing csv. Unescaped quote found in cell. Error located on row: 9" when I try to update a connected table via Google Drive. I can't find on the Excel sheet any issues with row 9 and yet the sheet keeps failing to update.

    What exactly should I be looking for? There are no quotes in any cells so I don't know what it's talking about. I've cleared all of the empty cells in the rest of the sheet. Please help, thanks.

  • 2.  RE: Error parsing CSV

    Posted 04-26-2018 15:05
    Hi James,

    Have you been getting an error message when attempting to submit a Support Case with our Care Team? Do you get the same error when using this Support Case link? I do see that you have a support ticket in from today when I pull it up on our end but it sounds like you are getting an error message which is causing issues with viewing it. Our Care team can help take a look at both issues with you and the error you are seeing on your Sync since it sounds like there is some special character that is being identified in the data and looking at it might help to get to the source of what is going on with your Sync. 

  • 3.  RE: Error parsing CSV

    Posted 04-26-2018 16:55
    I realized that it was trying to attach the CSV that was causing the error in submitting the ticket. I removed the attachment and I could then open the ticket.