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Connected Tables and reporting

  • 1.  Connected Tables and reporting

    Posted 02-08-2018 01:36

    So my company has multiple applications within Quickbase that I have built.  I got asked a question today from a manager asking if she could have a report that combines project information from two applications.  

    I created a new combined database and used QuickBase Sync to create tables in the database that link to the tables I needed from the other two databases.

    The First Table which is a connected table to Database #1 with fields such as status and project ID.  The second table is a connected table as well to Database #2 with the same fields (status and project ID).  The databases are very similar but separated due to program budgets.

    Basically I am super confused on how to create a report that combines these two connected tables?

  • 2.  RE: Connected Tables and reporting

    Posted 02-08-2018 07:06
    I don�t have time to post a full reply here but the basic concept is this.

    QuickBase can only do a report of a single table. So you need to coax data from your two tables into a single table.

    The way to do that would be to set up a third table and then set up a saved a table to table copy which will copy all the records from one table into that third table and then do the same to copy the records from the second table into the third table.

    So the idea would beat every time you wanted to do a consolidated report, you would delete all the records in the third table and then re-import from tables one and two.

    This could all be combined into a single button to click which would do those three steps in one click.