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Create Copies of Records through Automation

  • 1.  Create Copies of Records through Automation

    Posted 09-14-2018 15:28
    I have a Task Table (Task Name, Owner, Start Date, Duration, etc).

    Some tasks are tasks that are recurring (they happen each week for the next month, or two months, or etc).

    Wondering if there's a way through automation to to be able to create "x" number of copies of a record, based on perhaps a field changing in a record.

    For example, in my task table, if I check "Duplicate Record", And insert a number in a field... that would copy my record those many times.

  • 2.  RE: Create Copies of Records through Automation

    Posted 09-14-2018 17:26
    You would have to create a looping automation, but be careful not to make an infinite loop!

    I have been experimenting with looping automations, and they are tricky. I am trying hard to write the solution here, and I have failed multiple times.

    Sometimes I have one automation that will kick off the loop, causing another automation to fire in a looping fashion until the conditions are met.

    for instance, you can have a counter field, and every time the automation to clone the task fires, it takes the counter and adds 1 to it, triggering the next automation to clone the task, increment the counter by 1 until the counter equals the number of copies specified.