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Rapid Entry of Resource Data for Multiple Projects

  • 1.  Rapid Entry of Resource Data for Multiple Projects

    Posted 10-06-2017 11:10

    Dear Quickbase family,

    Firstly just to say I love these forums ? and I?ve always found answers to my questions here. However, I  now have an issue that I?m really stuck with.

    I have been asked to explore options for having our current resource tracking spreadsheet converted into an app in Quickbase. Here is what our current excel sheet looks like (procrastinated for a whole 30 mins making this christmasy)

    It?s a relatively simple set-up. Manager?s just filter for their direct reports and they can see all that direct reports projects. The manager enters estimates hours, and the direct report goes in every month and updates with actuals. The set-up allows senior management to filter by teams under one manager, all team members, project types and sub types etc

    I thought this would be relatively easy to put into quickbase and the relationships between all the fields really were very simple. However the problem came when trying to figure out how to enter resource against projects. If I create a resourcing table (1 project to many resources, with the fields being month, estimates, and actual), then it will be completely un-useable for fast data entry as (and please do correct me if im wrong) you cannot see the yearly overview of all projects that the excel provides. Even more importantly, you wouldn?t be able to go in and do a very fast grid-edit to update monthly resources for all your projects in one go.

    Therefore the only solution I have found is to create a resource table with 12 fields (1 for each month) which then gives the same view. But, this doesn?t allow me to do any of the reporting/metrics because you can not for example have multiple fields on an x-axis in a table.

    I can group them in a summary report but I cannot pull home page widgets from summary reports (again please correct if I am wrong).

    Any advice on what im doing wrong would be much much much appreciated. Real screenshot of what I have had to do (replicate layout and use summary report) follow

    Cheers guys and gals



  • 2.  RE: Rapid Entry of Resource Data for Multiple Projects

    Posted 10-06-2017 19:55
    Jafar -

    Managing resource allocation and staff utilization is possible with a standard Quick Base applicaiton and some custom code.  Below is user interface CloudBase Services has designed and implemented for many companies.  Feel free to email sales at cloudbaseservices .  We can show you how to rapidly enter data for multiple project assignments using "drag & drop" technology.