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Help creating a dynamic form

  • 1.  Help creating a dynamic form

    Posted 10-26-2017 21:52
    I want to setup up a form where different data and calculations can occur.

    I have a table that defines the packages assigned to each customer, a table that defines the components in each package, and a table with details on each of the components.

    I want to collect and store the data on each batch that is calculated based on the package that is selected.  User would select customer and then only the packages assigned to customer would display in the next drop down filtered for that customer.  The Package table lists all the components of the package.  I would want each of the components to display based on the package that is selected by the user.  There would be multiple components for each package.  Data entry and calculations would then occur on  those component records.

    How do I connect these all together and create a dynamic form?

  • 2.  RE: Help creating a dynamic form

    Posted 10-27-2017 05:32
    You will want to start by setting up the relationships between those tables in the appropriate manner.

    Once you have that layout, you can begin to make the summary fields, and calculations you need.

    Then you can start working to design your forms and use conditional dropdowns.

    Basically this is the meat and potatoes of designing, building and fine tuning an application.

    Trying to describe this in a forum setting isn't very feasible .
    I'd recommend you look at some of the QB University 

    Or working with somebody to help mentor you.