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  • 1.  Add multiple records to form from another table

    Posted 11-02-2022 18:25

    New to QB and this seems like it should be an extremely simple task.

    Simplified, i've got a Trailers table and a Move Request Form table. On the move request form I need the ability to add multiple trailers instead of creating a move request for each trailer individually. I'm not interested in Grid Edit as that will remove any data validation ( I want the user to search for and select the trailer so that I can use this data for automations elsewhere). I've tried using multiple choice from the list of trailers, but without a search bar it's pretty useless for 2k+ trailers.

    Why is this so complicated?

    Joel Noland

  • 2.  RE: Add multiple records to form from another table

    Posted 11-02-2022 18:43
    It could be that your app design is not appropriate for what you are trying to do.

    Do you have a "middle" join table between Trailers and Move Requests? 
    So that One Move Request has Many Assigned Trailers 
    One Trailer has Many Assigned Trailers, with the join table being the Assigned Trailer Table? 

    If you use that setup then  when you go to assign a trailer you will have a very powerful search ability.

    There is a way speed up date selection process even more but i would probably have to work with you one on one to get that working, but meanwhile let's get the app table structure correct.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

  • 3.  RE: Add multiple records to form from another table

    Posted 11-03-2022 15:49

    Okay my tables are as follows 



    Transfer Form

    Transfers is a child to Trailers & Transfer Form

    I also created a "transfer record #" field on the transfer form table that "transfers" uses as a lookup so that I can display the related "transfer records" on the transfer form. I really need to rename these to something less confusing. 

    So now on the transfer form I type in some basic info & a transfer record number, hit "add transfer", select a trailer in a new window and once I hit save in that window I can see the list of records with that transfer record #.

    I'm good with this, thanks for the guidance.

    Joel Noland