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  • 1.  Due Date cannot be today

    Posted 03-15-2023 14:08

    Good Morning,

    Is there a way to restrict a date field?

    So there is a table for Task Z.  Dept. A creates new tasks, however, once created the second step in the process is done by Dept. B and there is a Due Date field to let Dept. B know when their step needs done.  Dept. A has a habit of just putting today's day as Due Date.  Dept. A has been told multiple times not to do this but still does it anyway.  Is there a way to restrict that field so that Due Date cannot equal Today?

    (I don't need or want it to auto calculate based on a set time frame, like today is 3/15 so the due date is automatically 3/16.  The due date could be 3/16 or it could be 3/21 or it could be 4/28, as long as it is a least 1 day in the future so that Dept. B actually has time to work on it.)

    Brianne Jacobsen

  • 2.  RE: Due Date cannot be today

    Posted 03-15-2023 14:16

    Try this

    Make a new  formula numeric field called [Record ID# mirror] with a formula of

    [Record ID#]

    That will give us a hook we can use in a form rule to determine if the record has been saved yet.

    Then make a formula like this. 

    When the record is saved


    all of:

    [Record ID# mirror] is (blank)

    [Due date] is "the current date"


    Abort the save with message.

    Sorry, but you cannot inflict a date of Today as the Due Date for your co-workers.  They need more time than that :) 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

  • 3.  RE: Due Date cannot be today

    Posted 03-15-2023 14:59

    That did it.  Thank You!

    Brianne Jacobsen