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  • 1.  Duration Formula

    Posted 06-19-2022 13:02
    Help! While fairly new to "fun" with formulas, I am trying to calculate a simple duration. I've got field "Date Advisor Received" and "Date Completed" Both are Date Type fields. I've added another field "Days Open/Advisor Actively worked" Formula Numeric

    I'd like the days to calculate when the Date Completed Field is not populated.

    My formula:
    IF([Status]="Complete", ToDate([[Date Client Advisor Received]]) - ToDate([[Date Completed]]) , Today() - ToDate([[Date Client Advisor Received]])

    The 1st Date Client Advisor Received comes back with error Field not identified. HELP please!

    Jamie Strauss

  • 2.  RE: Duration Formula

    Posted 06-20-2022 01:23
    Edited by Pranav Choudhary 06-20-2022 01:24
    Hello Jamie,

    For calculating simple duration, We have "Formula - Duration" as field type available in Quickbase.
    Few changes required here are :
    1. Change field type of "Days Open/Advisor Actively worked" to formula - duration.
    2. Formula Modification :- If([Status]="Complete", [Date Completed] - [Date Advisor Received] , Today() - [Date Advisor Received])
    The 1st Date Client Advisor Received comes back with error Field not identified.  - this is because in your formula you have two square brackets instead of one. 

    Hope it resolves your problem. Looking to hear back from you!

    Pranav Choudhary
    Quickbase Expert Builder Certified by Quickbase

  • 3.  RE: Duration Formula

    Posted 06-20-2022 06:27
    Worked like a charm! Thank you so much :)

    Jamie Strauss