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Formula referencing a Text - Multi-line connected from another App

  • 1.  Formula referencing a Text - Multi-line connected from another App

    Posted 10-05-2022 15:24
    Hi, this is my first time on the community, so I'm hoping I'm doing this right.  I have a problem I'm trying to solve with a record that is created via a Pipeline looking for changes in another app.  Here's the structure:

    Two apps: App A and App B.  App A has a field (Text - Multi-line) called [Highlight].  When a record in App A is updated and the field [Highlight] is changed, the Pipeline create a new record in App B and populates the value in [Highlight] of App A in a field (Text - Multi-line) called [Reported Highlight] in App B.  This seems to be OK and looks good when you view it in a form or report.  However, here's where the problem starts to arise.  I have a Formula - Text field called [Reported Highlight Formatted] that adds a leading "- " to the [Reported Highlight], and searches and replaces a "\n" with a "\n - ".  This should create a bulleted list for multi-line values that have multiple carriage returns. 

    Here is the formula for [Reported Highlight Formatted]:
    "- " & SearchAndReplace([Reported Highlight],"\n","\n- ")

    Using the REST API, here are the "value" results of the [Reported Highlight] and [Reported Highlight Formula] after the Pipeline runs and creates the new record.

    [Reported Highlight]
      "data": [{"6": {"value": "11.\n11."}}
    [Reported Highlight Formatted]
      "data": [{"27": {"value": "- 11.\n11."}}

    Note that the leading "- " was added as defined in the formula, but the "\n" was not replaced with a "\n - " prior to the second 11.

    This is where things get a little weird.  When I open up the record, and do nothing more than Save and Close the record, the following are the results of the two fields.

    [Reported Highlight]
      "data": [{"6": {"value": "11.\r\n11."}}
    [Reported Highlight Formatted]
      "data": [{"27": {"value": "- 11.\r\n- 11."}}

    As you can see, following a Save and Close with no changes whatsoever, a change is made to [Reported Highlight] and now the formula works for the [Reported Highlight Formatted].  Obviously, I'm not interested in opening and saving each record when they are created to get the formula to work.  What do I need to do differently to make this work given the original output from the Pipeline created record?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    David Burns

    David Burns