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5 years ago

Atlanta Ice Breaker

Hi, I'm Alison Hunt. I plan events for Quick Base app builders, and you might remember me from such events as "Empower 2018: Texas Hold Em" and "Empower 2019: Miami Sound Machine." I'm excited about the launch of our Atlanta User Group, which we are kicking off with the Atlanta Community Summit on November 7th. I hope to see you there!

This space is for making connections. A great start is to introduce yourself. Here are some questions to get you started. We look forward to learning more about you and so do your Atlanta-area peers!

  1. Are you Simpsons fan? If so, favorite quote.
  2. What's your favorite Empower memory? If you haven't been, what would it take to get you there this year?
  3. What's something you've learned about yourself while working with Quick Base?

My Answers:

  1. I am beyond a fan – I think primarily in Simpsons references (only old school though Seasons 1-9). Favorite quote – so hard to choose! But I'd probably have to give it Bart: I can't promise I'll try, but I'll try to try.
  2. I'll be there! You can find me running in a million directions. My favorite memory would have to be the violinist who opened the 2017 keynotes – Purple Rain! – and the therapy dogs in the exhibit hall this year. But beyond the fun stuff, seeing all the builders so excited for learning new Quick Base skills. It's awesome!

  3. That I am much better at discovery and app planning that I am at app building, and that's ok! I really enjoy it – maybe it comes from my event planning gene!

Alison Hunt
Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Events
Quick Base

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  • Hi Alison,

    Thank you for starting this group off. I'm Marieline Reedy and I part of the Orientation Team at Quick Base. I am super excited about the Atlanta User Group as I am from Atlanta and eager to connect with other builders in the community.

    Here are my answers to the ice breaker:
    1. I am not a Simpsons fan
    2. My favorite Empower memory are always the Keynote Speaker. I am always so eager to hear about the amazing projects that they have been working on and learn about  the new and cool upcoming features
    3. I learn something new with every Use Case. Since working at Quick Base I am amazed to learn all the different ways organizations are using Quick Base to simplify their processes and becoming more efficient. It is evident how powerful of a tool Quick Base is.

    Marieline Reedy