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5 years ago

Chicago Summit Ice Break-Introduce Yourself!

With the Chicago Summit right around the corner it is a great time to start introducing ourselves and getting excited for the summit. So we are going to jump right in and break the ice and I'll get us started by introducing myself. I am Evan the community manager here at Quick Base. I got started working at Quick Base in 2016 as a member of our Care team and then transitioned into working on our Quick Base Community. This has given me the opportunity to interact with a huge range of Quick Base problem-solvers both here in the community and at places like Empower and our community summits. 

Not everyone likes having to write up an open ended bio so we do have a few suggestions if you aren't sure what to say:
1. Do you have a favorite place in Chicago to visit that we absolutely shouldn't miss out on?
2. If you could snap your fingers and suddenly have any skill mastered what would it be?
3. Do you have a Quick Base feature you feel you have mastered or one you are really curious to learn?

1.I have only been to Chicago once and it was years ago, but I do remember the Art Institute of Chicago had a great collection (I'm a bit of an art buff)
2. If I could snap my fingers right now and suddenly have a skill mastered I would have to go with carpentry. I have always been jealous watching people who just know how to build things from scratch like that. 
3. I am really interested to build out my skills more when it comes to APIs and integrations. Especially as we add Cloudpipes to our Quick Base offerings.

See you in Chicago!

Evan Martinez
Community Marketing Manager
Quick Base

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  • Hi Evan

    I will likely see you at the Summit. I also live in Chicago and love it.

    1. List of favourite places to visit can be very very long.. so for an appetizer I recommend the new River Walk as a cool place to begin..
    2. URL buttons.. i'm getting there but still have long way too go
    3. Big fan of CSV sync.. we use it a lot to get data from other systems into Quick Base

    Ian Greig
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      @Ian Greig excited to have you on the customer panel - I know you have lots of amazing insights to share â€‹

      Hi Quick Base Builders,

      I'm Jeff Gabel, Customer Advocacy Manager at Quick Base, been here since 2018 and have been focused on getting to know our awesome QB community of customers to champion their success.  I love learning about interesting use case cases and new ideas that have grown through QB, plus the careers built on your success. 

      1) I'm originally from NY and love pizza, but don't enjoy deep dish (Sorry, feel free to prove me wrong)
      2) I'd love to pass QB certification - come talk to me if you're a pro
      3) Really excited for mobile offline features

      Hope to connect at the summit - looking forward


      Jeff Gabel
  • Hi everyone, this is Brian from the Quick Base product marketing team and I've actually not spent much time in Chicago yet, so...

    1. I've not had a real Chicago deep-dish pizza yet and I really want to check it out.
    2. Hmm I'd love to be a master bicycle mechanic so I can repair my own bike,
    3. I would say the Quick Base feature I've mastered over the years would be table-to-table relationships. I've gotten to try out lots of creative ways to make data smarter by using relationships in various ways.

    I'll be running the (intermediate-level) usability workshop at the summit, and I hope to see you all there!

    - Brian

    Brian Cafferelli
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    Community Manager
    What's up Chicago, my name is Ben Simon, and I'm a Customer Success Manager here at Quick Base working with some of our Key Accounts. My job is to make sure my customers are getting the most value out of their Quick Base experience, whether that's simply helping with product questions or helping my customers plan future realm wide policies. 

    1) Last time I was in Chicago my father and I took in a game at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. For any baseball fan, Wrigley is a must-see. 
    2) I'd snap my fingers and be able to play the guitar. 
    3) I can't wait to learn more about Cloudpipes integrations and how they'll be able to benefit my customers. 

    See you all in Chicago! 

    Ben Simon
  • My name is David Pontier.  I've been using Quick Base for over 5 years and have been the lead app builder at my company for all that time.

    1. Do you have a favorite place in Chicago to visit that we absolutely shouldn't miss out on?
    Go to the signature lounge on the 96th floor of the Hancock.
    It is 2 floors higher up than the observatory level, and it is free.  Buy a drink and enjoy the best view of the city.  Go at like 2pm on a weekday and the place will be mostly empty.
    2. If you could snap your fingers and suddenly have any skill mastered what would it be?
    Assuming we are talking about QB skill it would be understanding Code pages.

    3. Do you have a Quick Base feature you feel you have mastered or one you are really curious to learn?
    I feel very competent with automations and feel they can be used to do just about anything.

    David Pontier
  • My name is Neil Beschle, and I am a Customer Success Manager at Quick Base, currently working with the Mid Market segment. I am passionate about our customers and their stories, and learning how Quick Base can help them achieve their business goals!

    1. I have never spent time in Chicago, but I plan on going straight to a hot dog stand when I get off the plane!

    2. I would love to master the craft of song writing (being a famous musician wouldn't be so bad either!).

    3. I am very excited to try out our new Mobile Scanning feature- it is amazingly fast!

    I look forward to meeting you all in Chicago!

    Neil Beschle
    Customer Success Manager
    Quick Base
    Cambridge MA