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4 years ago

Bad things

This thread discusses inserting custom code in a part of Quickbase where it was never intended to be used. Inserting custom code in this manner, in any software system, is considered a security vulnerability, and such code can break at any time without warning. Extending your Quickbase apps with custom code is a vital part of our platform, but all such custom code must be used in a code page.

In 2021, we will begin to block any further additions of JavaScript code outside of code pages. This also means that any modifications of fields which include JavaScipt will be blocked, unless the JavaScript is removed. Places in your Quickbase apps where you have already inserted JavaScript will continue to function. However, as has always been the case, these fields can break without warning.

[future link to Graham’s community post]

This is a test. I'm doing bad things with Quick Base.

Harrison Hersch
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