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5 years ago

Conditional report emailing?

Hi there - greetings from the Merchandise Mart in River North!

The main app we have here at Allstate is a weekly timesheet app where everyone enters their working hours at the end of the week - it's just a single field that holds the numeric value of how many total hours for that week. It's a very simple app by design.

The unfortunate part is that not everyone gets their timesheet in on time... so when Monday comes around what I'd like to do is to mail a report to only people with "hours" <40... is that even possible?

I can see a lot of material on conditional statements and usage, but nothing looks to pertain to reports/emailing/etc...

Thanks for any help or even just pointing in the right direction.


Dustin Hamilton
Product Design Manager | Allstate

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  • Hi Dustin, what if you had a Formula - User field on each record in the employee table, and that field contained a conditional formula. If that employee has logged less than 40 hours for the previous week, then the formula shows that user. But if they have already logged at least 40 hours for the previous week, then the formula would just be blank.

    That way, you can set up a simple email reminder on Mondays which would always send to the user listed in that field. You could use a summary field, depending on how your app is set up, to count the # of hours each employee has logged during the previous week.
    (I'm assuming here that, for employees that haven't logged a time card for the previous week, they have no record yet on the time cards table for that week.)

    Brian Cafferelli