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4 years ago

Intro / Resource Gap

Hello, Atlanta!! My name is Blake Harrison and I've recently moved back to the area and wanted to say a quick 'HI!'.  I am a professional Quick Base developer and a member of the Quick Base Solution Provider program. I've been working with Quick Base since approximately 2009 and started out as a Citizen Developer before going on to work for Quick Base for 4 years and then moving into professional development for the last (almost) 5 years.

The Quick Base team puts a lot of work into providing various resources for learning, but I wanted to reach out and see if you felt there was any gap that you've noticed or type of resource you feel would be a great add to the existing ones.

Additionally, if you're interested, I've got a Slack channel setup for Quick Base discussion. If you'd like to join, you can use this link to join the DataBlender Slack space: click here to join.

Blake Harrison -
Quick Base Solution Provider
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