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5 years ago

Running an Excel/CSV through Salesforce

Hi all,

I'm a sales manager here in Chicago and brand new to QuickBase. I'm also pretty new to my current company and our Salesforce data is atrocious. Before I can even begin to fix some of the back-end processes, I need to find a way to upload all of the disparate lead repositories that my teams are working from (word docs, excel files, google sheets, etc.)

Is there an Exchange app or process you could recommend that would allow me to upload an excel or csv file and recieve a report of which of those accounts are in Salesforce already (based on account name, address, phone number, homepage url, etc.) and the current account owner?

Separately, if there's an existing Exchange app that would allow me to upload new accounts and contacts into Salesforce from an Excel or CSV file and assign account owners automatically, that would be incredible as well.


Matt Chinnis
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