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3 years ago

Time Stamp with True time of click

I'm looking to set up my buttons with a true time stamp of when the button is click and not just from the last time the page was opened. I know there is a way to have it with in the code if the field it is filling is one with a (date/time) field, but I need to have it with just the time not with the date. The reason I need it with just the time and not with the date is to be able to give the user the ability to go back in and change the time of the input if they didn't have time to enter it. If it has the date/time field then it is extra things that they can mess up or have to deal with. I'm trying to make it as easy as possible to fix with in the phone app version of my system because this is about 90% of users. I know if I were to use 

& "&_fid_148=" & URLEncode Now()

it would pull the time of click if it were with a date/time field but anyone have a way to be able to do this with just a time field?

Thanks for any ideas and help with this one.

Wesley Jenkins
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