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2 years ago

Date/Time Stamp Formula


I am attempting to track when our leads are converted, which happens when our [Account Status] field switches from "Lead" to "Signed Customer."

When I created a date/time field using the formula below, it is literally continuously updating to show the current time. My goal is to just capture the date/time of when the [Account Status] field switched from "Lead" to "Signed Customer." Help?

If([Account Status]="Signed Customer",

Thank you!!

Rikki Ryan

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    is the [Account Status] field a look up field? if so, then you should probably create a pipeline/webhook/ or perhaps a button that the user click to change the status to Signed Customer on the parent and also stamp the date/time on the child.

    if it's on the same table, then while you can still use pipeline/webhook for it, easiest is probably a dynamic form rule that stamps a field of the date/time when the [Account Status] has changed to "Signed Customer". My method of choice would be a button to change the status and also stamp the record

    Tim D