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3 months ago

Reap of the first Education/Non-Profit Network Qrew Meeting 2/28/24

Hello everyone!

I wanted to send a quick recap of our first network Qrew meeting of the year:

  • Cullen Coates from Crystal Bay Solutions and Vanessa Young from 30Kft presented their use case and demoed their student tracking application. We loved seeing how Cullen and Vanessa worked together to create table connections and used pipelines to track their students' progress through the program while being able to share valuable reports to their stakeholders. To learn more about the session, see the attached PDF, click the link below, and type the password to access the recording from the session:

 Feb2024 EDU-NP Network meeting.mp4

Password: Feb2024EdNPnetworkmeeting

  • If you like to further discuss this use case or make networking connections, visit our Education/Non-Profit Discussion Board or reach out to me and I'll be happy to help make some connections.


A couple of quick announcements:

  • Our next Education/Non-Profit customer meeting will be on Wednesday April 25th 2024 at 12pm EST. Allan Heaps from Boise State University will be presenting how his team is revamping an old Quickbase app that is in need of an update. If you are working on updating existing apps, or trying to figure out whether it makes sense to create a new app in place of the old one, then this is a great session you'll want to check out. A link to register for the meeting will be available and sent to everyone soon.
  • Get a $40 Amazon gift card for giving feedback about Quickbase! We appreciate and value your opinion and would love for you to share your experience and earn $40 in the process. Click here to go to G2 Reviews.

Esther LaVielle
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