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4 years ago

Add two tables in one form and optionally using Default record picker

I have two tables

Client, the parent
Problem, the child

What I would like to be able to do, and haven't been able to figure it out yet, is 

When a client adds their own problem via a form on the internet, they add both their client information and their problem in a single form with a single (preferred) submit.  For privacy reasons, we don't want to display any existing client information when the problem is entered via the internet (yes, we could end up with duplicates).

When an employee adds a problem on behalf of a client (via intranet), the employee can take advantage of the default record picker to select the correct client and then add the problem.

The forms will look different as different client information may be collected based on the origin of the form (ie, internet or intranet).

Can two tables be added/updated in a single form/submit?

Can the default record picker behavior be turned on/off for the parent via the form?

Katherine Oakey

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    Hi Katherine:

    Check out an application you'll find in the QuickBase Exchange called. "ABC Customer Request Tracker".  This application shows how you can use "Everyone on the Internet" to fill out a publicly facing form and have that request added (your "Problem" table) and because the parent table, (Contacts which is your Clients table) uses the email address as the key field, the requests come in and they are automatically linked to an existing Contact/Client. 

    Overview Video

    ABC Customer Request Tracker: 

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