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5 years ago

Autofill fields in table based on a dropdown

My company schedules jobs everyday.
Some times the jobs are repetitive.In this case my manage would like to have a table drop down only to select the name of the client and auto fill details like name email and phone number.This should not be a formula record but an editable record.

Can anyone please help me with this?

Ramya Kannan

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  • Hi Ramya -- 

    With the assumption that you have many clients (more than say...10), the most scalable way of doing this is having a separate Client table which houses the name, email and phone number of your clients. You would then have a relationship where Clients have many Jobs, and your users can select the Client Name from the reference field on Jobs, and then display lookup fields to that client's email and phone. If you wished, you could give your users the ability to create new Client records in case the Client does not currently exist.

    Other solution(s) would require you to hard-code email/phone values based on selection in the Client drop down (I'm currently assuming it's a multiple-choice field), which is not scalable or advisable.

    Bree Mackey
    Solutions Architect
    Quick Base, Inc.