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2 years ago

Best way to use Quickbase to automate changes


I'm trying to determine if there's a better way to fire changes in Quickbase than my current method. Currently, I'm using rules in a form to fire changes, and I have several things it's set up to do. But I just realized, it'll only fire changes when the form is edited and saved. And for any related tables pulling that data - same thing.

So for a clearer picture, I work in healthcare, and a key form in one table has rules that change "Access to specialty care" based on whether two other checkboxes are checked. This is so we can create ultimately a gap analysis.

  • If only checkbox #1 is checked - change Access field to "This"
  • If checkbox #2 is checked - change Access field to "That"
  • If both are checked - change Access to "The Other Thing"
  • If both are unchecked - change Access field to "And Another Thing"

Then next, I have a Counties tab, where Access is again reviewed at the county level, based upon # of hospitals and what their access is based on the above.

A similar set of rules fires based on the hospital records. But again, the county will only update once opened to edit, then save.

Access level changes when we partner with a hospital, and when we edit that change, I'd like it to fire for all related tables without having to edit. But maybe using forms rules is not the best way to skin this cat.

Thanks in advance!

Christine Kirk

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  • It would be way better to just have formula fields then you wouldn't have to rely on form rules and everything would work regardless of how the data got input or edited.  

    Have you considered calculating the [Access] field by formula?

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)