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5 years ago

Can I add Label to fields in Kanban Report?

Can i add label to fields to in kanban report and how to add more than 3 fields?
Please help me on these..​

Chethana Shetty

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  • Sure, go ahead and create a new 'Rich Text' formula field.

    Copy & paste this formula:

    "<b>Field Label 1:</b> "&[Field 1]&"<br>"
    &"<b>Field Label 2:</b> "&[Field 2]&"<br>"
    &"<b>Field Label 3:</b> "&[Field 3]&"<br>"
    &"<b>Field Label 4:</b> "&[Field 4]&"<br>"
    &"<b>Field Label 5:</b> "&[Field 5]

    You can add/remove lines to this formula to support the number of fields you want to fit on your card, just be cautious of how busy the card will look in the Kanban view.
    Update the 'Field Label 1' with the label you want to use, and replace [Field 1] with the corresponding field.
    Lastly, update your Kanban report to display this new formula field.

    Kristin Seibert