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3 years ago

Can I search for a new record from a form

I have a list of customers, with many associated pieces of information. I would like to search for the customer and view the associated information. All of this information is on one table called "customer"  but eventually, I'd like to connect to other tables.

When I'm done viewing this information, I'd like to search for another customer from the same form I'm viewing the information on.

Current set up: 

I added a search to the Home page. When I search, it returns a form I've built on the table "customer"  but in order to search for a new customer, I've got to return to the home page.  Any navigation away from the form shows me the table view of all customers and not the form.

Apologies for being very new to QB, and asking what are probably dumb questions. I've taken most of the QuickBase university courses and tried YouTube.  I'm not technical but I'm determined to learn this. 
Please feel free to point me in the direction of resources rather than offering a solution. Your answers to other questions have already been very helpful.