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2 years ago

Checkbox Look up field as a condition for Dynamic Rule

Hi there, 

I have a checkbox field "Info Intake Reviewed" in my Projects Table. I have another table for Uploaded Files. The Table to Table relationship between them is 1 Project to Many Files. 
In the Uploaded Files Table I have a lookup field to to the Info Intake Reviewed checkbox. 
I want to set up a Dynamic rule that whenever I check the Info Intake Reviewed Checkbox in Projects, a "Reviewed" checkbox field in the Uploaded Files Table is automatically check (only when the checkbox changes from False to True).

So I set it up as follows:

What am I doing wrong?


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  • Dynamic form rules only fire when the record is open on that specific form. So your rule is saying, change when the checkbox goes from false to true. However, the part that is not stated but true is:

    "Change when checkbox goes from false to true as long as I am in edit mode, looking at the record when the checkbox goes from false to true".

    The box you are checking is on another form, so the dynamic form rule isnt firing. You either need to use a Pipeline, or can you make your Reviewed Checkbox a formula checkbox? 

    Mike Tamoush