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4 months ago

Concatenating two fields (Lookup field + Text Field into third filed)

Hi Everybody,

Can anybody help me i would like to cut a corner and concatenate two fields into one.

One field is a drop down/lookup field and the other one is text.

In another words i would like to put together Project Name and City field as the customer is calling its sites like that.

Can anybody advise how i can do it i tried 

If([Project Name]="[Project]",([Project Name]),([City]))

If([Project Name]="",[Project Name],[City]

but it returns only city name

I know i can export and then concatenate and then import but i would like to shorten the way if possible 

Marko Pavlovic

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  • Any particular reason you're trying to use an IF statement? If you're just trying to concatenate you just need to do the following as one example: 

    [Project Name] & "-" & [City] 

    The If statement would only be needed if you had something like different project name fields or different ways you wanted to display the string based on customer or some other factor that you might combine different or more fields in the string. 

    Chayce Duncan